Metal typeSilver

Model NameRSM


  1. VINANI GERMAN BRAND jewelry made of fine sterling silver 925
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  3. Selection unmatched earrings, pendants, with and without chains, pendants, rings and much more
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Seller: Vinani

4.0 out of 5 stars


29 March 2016

Ring size: 18. This manufacturer creates remarkable jewelery and of good standard. The material is very bright, clean line, the quality high without doubt. Specifically, the intersection between the circles and well done and does not bother once the ring is worn. The price is quite high, however. This time the cuts perfectly respected the forecasts; I had calculated that calzasse a little’ small on the basis of another bought earlier and consider the intersection between the circles that steals a bit’ of space.
rather quick delivery and in any event on time.