Metal typesilver

Length18/11 inch

Height1.8 cm

width1.4 cm

Total Metal Weight4.10 g


Model NameJPFN000262

Number of pearls55


Warning:1.The Natural pearls are in need of a careful and thorough cleaning.
2. Do not wear them when bathing or working in the kitchen,
3. Keep away from hair gel and perfume and other chemicals. 4. Avoid scratching with a hard object and expose them to high heat and drying.
5. After being notified, and must be cleaned with a special cloth for jewelry or a cloth for glasses Pearl color: white or multicolored Type of Pearl: almost round Quality of pearl: AAA Luster: high pearl stains: free 90%, 99%
Sweetness Pearl: very good Concordance Pearl: very good Nacre: thick Metal: S925 Stone side: No VIKI LYNN grade pearl system Quality (grade of Pearl) AAA Luster of Pearl: the most high Pearl stains : free 90%, 99%
Sweetness Pearl: very good Mother of pearl, often
AA Lustre Pearl: high pearl stains: free 90%, 99%
Sweetness of gem: regular Mother of Pearl: average thickness
a Luster of Pearl: regular pearl stains: free 90%, 99%
Sweetness Pearl: sweet Mother of Pearl: from thin to medium


Question: Pearls are supplied guarantee of authenticity?

Answer: Perfect! Authentic pearls and gorgeous! Excellent packaging!

Question: The frame and silver or gold?

Answer: Silver.

Question: Many cm and’ long this necklace and what is the size and quality of pearls?

Answer: The necklace and’ excellent, long I have not measured it has not’ it’ too short it’ too long. the right say. Then quality’ and’ beautiful and you see that they are true gems!