4.0 out of 5 stars


21 July 2016

Metal type: Gold plated. These earrings have come packaged in a small box yellow and carry a bag with drawstring black velvet and on’ embossed logo of the producer “U7”
Inside the box there and even a small brochure that shows other products treated with the same logo.
But we move to earrings. When I placed an order I gave a look at the measures, but I never thought of being in front of the curls with one aspect rather grand for my taste. They have a diameter of 7 cm, a rather large structure, are made from gold plated alloy and despite the large size are very light. They weigh about 22gr.
They are well made and aesthetically are also beautiful, just that to me personally they seem a bit “tacky”. a little gipsy 🙂 Nevertheless’ if you are looking for something beautiful and eye-catching, and that with very cost still, is durable and does not come off the contact with water and detergents, these earrings are for you.
The product just reviewed, and I was offered for free / at a discount in exchange for my honest opinion and personal.

4.0 out of 5 stars

A mother any

27 July 2016

Type metal: gold plated. State that typically harbor jewelery less conspicuous, so the first impression was strong: I had not realized they were so big!
The pack and very pretty, suitable for a gift: in the cardboard box there is a bag of velvet.
The closing of earrings and interlocking, so hard to lose. Despite the size XXL (about 7 cm in diameter) are lightweight and not annoying.
For the summer, with the tan and the desire to dare a little’ more, they’re cute, especially if you like the massive, flashy kind. are declared as gold-plated, but I can not confirm that it is so. The bamboo effect and very visible and makes them special.
The price in July 2016 and 19 dollar. Article received free / with discount from the seller for an honest review and impartial.