Curb Bracelet fantastic

Curb Bracelet, silver, new, diamond in 6 sides, polished, stamped ITALY Top quality, protected against discoloration, treated against ossidamento and blackening

TRENDS IN ITALY Silver Curb Bracelet 13mm, Length 19cm, straight from the factory
  • Made in Italy, made ​​in Italy
  • 2 years warranty

 straight from the factory


Mens Sterling Silver Diamond Bracelet – Jewelry

925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Pendant Designs

925 Sterling Silver Jewelry Pendant Designs


4. 0 out of 5 stars

Bracelet fantastic.

By dodedgar

Timely delivery and fantastic product. The only thing is that the photo does not match the product that is described correctly then instead can be misleading. Change it and it will be five stars.