BrandThe liveliness TM
Metal typeBase Metal
Stone TypeCrystal
Model Name2015
CutIdeal Cut


  1. We are the only official online store LAVIVACITA®, Products LAVIVACITA® Genuine Guaranteed.
  2. Format: 08 * 07 cm. These exquisite earrings feature Swarovski crystals embedded in a
  3. Do not allergenic- Cadmium, Nickel, Lead, Environmental alloy 18K Real Gold Plated EU standardization. refined and elegant earrings
  4. It comes in a leather box or a velvet bag for an impressive presentation gift to your loved ones, we offer 100% satisfaction or money on all our products.
  5. Ideal for gifts for birthday, anniversary, holiday, stocking stuffers, graduation, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, mother’s Day,’ thank you’ or simply’ thinking of you’

The liveliness refined and beautiful Brand-. Our products are made from real pearls, sterling silver, real gold plated alloy with environmental, real platinum plated. Nickel free and non allergenic.This product and a must for every jewelry box.

Seller: La Vivacita TM