BrandSilver Smith
Metal typerhodium plated base metal
Model NamePW-17502


  1. Jewellery Collection Downton Abbey
  2. Rhodium-plated base metal

Downton Abbey Our collection and perfect for any occasion Developed by contemporary fashion pieces Edwardian England that are timeless classics. Bring a touch of elegance to any outfit!

Seller: Silver Smith

5.0 out of 5 stars


6 August 2014

Glimmering shine! The dark blue stone with a touch of mystery and ancient to these earrings that I purchased along with the respective always necklace with blue drop (product code: PW-17507). Arrived in a rigid cardboard box and often decorated (see photos attached). Advised for the producers: for both the necklace for earrings would be advisable to insert a cardboard band or fabric or pre set already the cardboard of presentation of the jewel with the aforementioned clamp in order to keep balances so that do not move during transport. In fact (I do not know whether it is due to this) an earring flint (the one that goes on the earlobe) had come loose (during transport guess because it was left inside the cofanettino) and I had to apply it very carefully through those quick-setting glue that advertise on TV (I simply applied a little bit of glue with the toothpick into the slot and then with a pair of tweezers from lashes entered at the first shot the brillantino). Pleased with my purchase! For necklace okay, we know that these rhinestones are a bit’ naughty!  Faro nevertheless all the necessary tests to make sure that they are all balances before putting it all and not lose them! In the picture you will see the earring with the flint affixed as if you were never separated (and the one to the left).