Metal typesilver
width1.5 mm
Model NameSDO0104J


  1. In Sterling Silver 925
  2. True silver jewelry – silver jewelry Dream
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silberdream * Silver Jewelry Collection 925 A pair of dangling earrings – Ball Hoop Earrings 44 mm – from our exclusive collection silberdream 925 sterling silver from’ Oxidation protected. The 2 diamantierten balls and ball are geschwarzte freibeweglich on earrings. The collection of jewels – Silver Dream – includes over 1500 jewelry, agreed the’ to an’ other. The combination and elegant, very modern and stylish. Therefore it includes not only silver items, but also pearls, stone and glass elements that pose colored accents. You can find your own personal combination in silberdream collection, but also combine with existing jewelry.
Quick description: silberdream hoop earrings ball earrings 25 mm Target Audience: Women Type: Hoop Earrings Material: 925 sterling silver, nickel, diamond, black hodium Brand : dream silver Colour of product: silver Closing: a nun Style: Jewelry Diameter: 44 mm Width: 1.5 mm product Code: sdo0104j

Seller: SilberDream