Plate logo eyebrow ring/material: steel 316 L Surgicl/Size: 1. 2x 8x 5/3mm/Logo: pirate skull/sold only for a while.

PiercingWorld Pirate skull logo surgical steel eyebrow ring. 16Gx5/16  316 L steel Banana with Logo Surgcial flat 5MM and 3MM ball eyebrow ring piercing. Sold only for a while.

  • Material – 316 L stainless Surgicl
  • Size – 1.2x8x5
  • 3mm
  • Logo – pirate skull
  • Sold only for a while.
Brand: Bilanciere curvo


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By andre

Items such as photos, arrived very early since the last scheduled day was February 10th and I am arriving on 04 February, with the prices that they would say excellent, good. I hope also to last and do not get damaged but what you’ll see using them.