BrandPaor Italy
Metal typeCopper
Length2:56 inch
Height6:50 cm
width3:50 cm
Length6:50 cm
Model Name050-ORAM3


  1. gold gilded bronze earrings pink
  2. Craftsmanship made in Italy
  3. Etruscan Style
  4. support door earrings not included in the offer
  5. Depth 1 cm; Width 3.5 cm; Height 6.5 cm; Weight 16 g

Earrings gold rose gold bronze made by Paor ITALY. All lines are inspired by the world of the Etruscans long been the subject of attention and curiosity. This is perhaps due to the fact that a veil of mystery surrounds their origin, their lives and even their disappearance. Our products must tell no-stra land the passage of time and the charm of an evolution that can be expressed in various shades of refinement charges. Hence the decision to give each our product a name of Etruscan origin and to use bronze as living material to be molded to tell. Paor ITALY, founded in Arezzo in 1980, one of the city has always been known for the design and distribution of products made by working the precious metals. Paor has gained extensive expertise of its design and finishing techniques so as to ensure high product quality and style.

Seller: Paor Italy

5.0 out of 5 stars


6 May 2016

When worn, I received unexpected compliementi. High quality products, solid and elegant. The workmanship and well made, and add a touch of class to day wear and evening.