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Pandora 590705CMP D1 Bracelet for women

Brand: Pandora
Item number: 590705

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My adorable new bracelet

My adorable new bracelet!


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Bad packaging

By Mariagiulia

Nothing to say about the Pandora bracelet, It’s like you see in the picture. I was stunned the object being wrapped. I was expecting at least a box, a bag of cloth. a paper bag, anything that can hold a bracelet so pretty. It s the contrary, in ONE TINY CLEAR PLASTIC, VACUUM. Type the cheeses at the supermarket: -(
It looks really bad, it would be appropriate to send it with a prettier package, given the type of object. If someone buys it and give it unfortunately, is likely to make a bad impression because he can not submit any original pandora packaging.

To summarize:
Product: good
Shipping time: good
Packing: bad.