garnet stone

garnet The term designates a group of minerals garnet nesosilicate, some of which are in use since the Bronze Age as gemstones; find garnets in the jewelry of the ancient Egyptians, Greeks and Romans is not uncommon.
Garnet is usually associated with the idea that it is a precious stone of dark red color, more or less: in fact it comes in a much more varied range of colors ranging from purple to pink, from orange to yellow, green to brown, from black to colorless.
Property ‘ metaphysics: Garnet is the stone most suitable in times of existential crisis and helps the individual to get out of the state of passivity and openness and courage to deal with the situation with no way out. Useful in cases of depression. It strengthens the desire to succeed, the personal commitment to the collective interest and the ability to work in harmony.
Since it is rated to carry the spirit of devotion to oneself and others is also called the stone of the promise.
The garnet promotes self – confidence, will power and the joy of living, gives the ability to consider the obstacles as challenges are crucial for growth and happiness. Instills courage, hope and optimism.
Property ‘ healing: Garnet strengthens the power of regeneration of the body and is known as the stone of health. Removes energy blockages, stimulates metabolism, improves circulation and quality of blood, strengthens the immune system and the vascular system.
Garnet revitalizes the reproductive system and sexual, accelerates wound healing and facilitates the assimilation of nutrients in general.
Donate to balance thyroid disorders.
To achieve long – lasting effects on the spiritual plane can carry a garnet red or purplish – red to the middle finger or around your neck to keep up the tone of energy.

O 2A stone bracelet set 108 buddistiche Beads Garnet 4mm diameter 46cm length use Amulet

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  • Certain techniques for stone treatment are taken to improve the shape

diameter 46cm length use Amulet

Beads Garnet ancient Egyptians

Jewels Beads ancient Egyptians
Jewels Beads ancient Egyptians
Jewels Beads ancient Egyptians

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Very cute

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Simple but very portable, nice brightness’, cute object, you can take that as a choker or as braccialino, the color fits all.