Metal typeSilver


  1. Silver ring 925 and brass
  2. Lastra in handmade brass and engraved with a graver reasons Florentine spirals
  3. lining perforated
  4. numbered ring with initials not replicable
  5. Collection FISHERMAN

box ring with perforated lining in silver and brass plate engraved with a graver reasons to Florence’s scrolls; approximately 29 mm diameter plate. Silver 925. This ring and one of the symbols of FISHERMAN collection, which is inspired conceptually ring “piscatorio”, one of the most powerful symbols rooted in the church tradition: since the Middle Ages the ring and in fact part of the insignia of the Pope, identified as the successor of St. Peter, whose job was, precisely, that of fisherman. The piscatorio ring, specifically manufactured for each pope and destroyed his death, symbolizes the uniqueness of the person wearing it and is the visible sign of his authority. NAA-STUDIO takes over the ring-shaped fisherman and reinterprets the feminine democratizzandolo: where the gold is an essential must, NAA STUDIO offers silver, in this case brass alternately. The leitmotif of the collection and more and more often the interaction, synergy and integration that the ornament created with the body wearing it, the personality that can trace across the border of the “precious”. Each ring and one-piece, handmade and numbered by a code can not be replicated. NB: The ring sizes are indicated according Italians standards. To find the most suitable size to you already put one ring in your possession over a ruler and read the internal diameter in millimeters. Ita measures: 12 (diameter 16.5 mm); 14 (diameter 17.2 mm); 16 (diameter 17.8 mm)

Seller: NAA-Studio

5.0 out of 5 stars


5 October 2015

Extremely lightweight and comfortable. An excellent product made in Italy with handmade engraving! Very well done and accurate, an excellent piece of unique crafts and precious!