stone amber

Noda Pendant with Celtic motif, sterling silver and amber, Color: BlackGreen

Brand: Noda


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Nice but certainly not blackgreen

By Furia

Unfortunately, I must rectify the positive review left at first:
The bottom of the stone, in fact, has been painted in some way.

When the veneer is coming off due to rubbing (I’m one of those people who juggle a lot of their jewelery) I stained my fingers black and the stone has obviously changed color becoming yellow. It s always pleasing to the eye but the color is not described; I do not think seriously apply a product that changes the color of the stone.

The price paid is minimal and not waste my time trying to make the pendant, but I will buy more from this seller.

Previous review
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The pendant is extremely similar to the one in the photo, the stone is even more beautiful and bright. The seller also publishes a second photo with a centimeter: study it well because it is accurate and the pendant is smaller than what I had thought.

This baBy is very cute, unisex and also suitable for teens.
Sure It’s very cheap, and if you examine the manufacture carefully, you will note. The line passing through the chain is small (2 mm abundant) then controlled to have a pretty thin. The silver is polished but not certain of that color almost white rhodium-plated chains with which it could be out of tune.

The box is adequate to the price of colored cardboard. If it is a gift you may consider replacing it.