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For Masonry means an initiatory order whose origin dates back to a few centuries ago it? always shrouded in the fog of mystery. The Freemasons have always been meeting in secret places to safeguard? Anonymity of members and make it difficult to disclosure of their rituals. Freemasonry is based on two fundamental principles: belief in a superior God called oGrande Architettoo and research unhindered the Verito. Some thesis want that Masonry is descended directly? By Order of Templars after its dissolution, but this? Hypothesis does not? historically proven. L? Article? product in metal alloy with hypoallergenic treatment. Packaging: BOX IN CARDBOARD

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10 May 2014

You the ring and very nice, but it has a flaw, says 21mm but it is very wide, I do not know that they have measured approach, but this is not absolutely 21mm, have had to go to a jewelry store for me to tighten, and they told me that, and a 31mm, but beware, not all use the same way to measure.