Jewels Leonardo

Leonardo Jewels 014521 Necklace for women, stainless steel and fabric, 100 cm

Brand: Jewels by Leonardo
Item number: 014521

DVC Q9A Tablet PC YOUTUBE aliexpress

DVC Q9A  Tablet  PC   YOUTUBE   aliexpress


4. 0 out of 5 stars

Snare very nice, but without closure

By x

It is a long string that presents at each end a backlining steel, act to preserve the terminal parts of the same snare. From the picture and without further specifications I had no way to get me to rise no doubt that I realized that those two terminals could be closed By a screw mechanism. But no, to establish the ” necklace ” tie it serves. To which I imagine that the two ” fake closings ” can be considered as a pendant if tied hand in glove and let it fall over your chest in a central location or even better side. That said, I think the price is fully justified By the quality and care of the packaging: the bill is great, the cord seems satin, but is consistent, the length is phenomenal and the product comes with a beautiful velvet pouch.
Very nice product, which I recommend if you factor in closing is not a problem.