stainless steel pendant owl

Konov Jewelry Necklace Pendant Women’s Men’s, Pendant, Long Chain 60cm (45 – 65cm Available), Owl, Owl, Stainless Steel, Black Silver (with gift bag) – 60cm

Konov Jewelry Necklace Pendant Womens Mens, Pendant, Long Chain 60cm , Owl, Owl, Stainless Steel, Black Silver  60cm
  • Including a black velvet bag printed ” Konov ” on it.
  • Pendant Height – 4.3cm
  • Width Pendant – 2.1cm
  • Necklace Length – 60cm (45 – 65cm available)
  • Material – Stainless Steel

Konov Jewelry Necklace Pendant Womens Mens  Pendant  Long Chain 60cm (45 Available 65cm)  Owl  Owl  Stainless Steel  Black Silver (with gift bag) 60cm

Carmelo Phallic Black Silver

Pendant Carmelo Phallic Silver
Brand: KONOV
Item number: 8217


5. 0 out of 5 stars


By Carmel

Great product that has exceeded my expectations (although with Amazon I have always had a great time). As usual, a very good care of the packaging and the pendant is really delicious: the perfect combination of styling and performance of the real. Surprise: I have been delivered less than 2 chains, as shown in a photo and I would like to add which is of excellent quality (robust, elegant, stainless steel pendant itself), and a second bead, also in steel. Everything, as indicated, accompanied By a beautiful black velvet bag to preserve, pendants and necklaces in excellent condition.
Super satisfied. (As always). Carmelo Phallic.

5. 0 out of 5 stars

Very well done

By MyOwnOpinion

The owl is beautiful, a nice gift for my mom to which they have always liked owls because it says to bring good luck. The piece is well made and also the catatenina is pretty. In short, a nice gift greatly appreciated. I ordered the piece in late November, has come from China within ten days well wrapped By ordinary mail.

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