Konov Jewels

Konov Cufflinks Mens Jewelry, Cufflinks Cuff Shirt, Engagement, Bottles of Beer, Color Silver
  • Including a black velvet bag printed ” Konov ” on it.
  • Gemilli Height – 24mm
  • Gemini Width – 8mm
  • Material – Copper
  • Color – Silver

Konov Cufflinks Mens Jewelry  Cufflinks Cuff Shirt  Engagement  Bottles of Beer  Color Silver (with gift bag)

Chiara Carli black velvet

Silver De black velvet
Brand: KONOV
Item number: 8217


3. 0 out of 5 stars


By Chiara D

There are certainly a luxury item, but they are nice. The bag is cute and the seller has made a gift in the package. All too for spending.

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