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Goldmaid Anklet for women with diamond , 925 sterling silver, 250 mm cod. Ke F4610SH

Goldmaid Anklet for women with diamond (0.005 ct)  925 sterling silver  250 mm cod. Ke F4610SH

Jewels Goldmaid Sterling Silver

Brand: Goldmaid


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The delivered product is not what is advertised

By Antonia

I did not check the product before, not opening the sealed package, as it has been the subject of a gift.
So just now I am aware of the fact that the delivered product is similar to ” Goldmaid – Ankle Women with diamond (0, 005 ct), sterling silver. ” but without the diamantino. I am a customer amazon recently and I did not expect from you impropriety and professionalism, irrespective of the value of the object or discount applied. So I invite you to review what they advertised, checking with what you send. Thanks for your attention.