Stainless Steel ring Konov

Konov Men’s Jewelry Ring, Rings, Signet Hammer of Thor (Thor’s Hammer), Stainless Steel, Black Silver. 15 (with gift bag)

Konov Mens Jewelry Ring, Rings, Signet Hammer of Thor , Stainless Steel, Black Silver 15

  • Including a black velvet bag printed ” Konov ” on it.
  • Ring Size – 15
  • Ring width – 20mm
  • Material – Stainless Steel
  • Color – Black Silver

Konov Mens Jewelry Ring  Rings  Signet Hammer of Thor (Thors Hammer)  Stainless Steel  Black Silver 15 (with gift bag)

Jewelry Ring Black Silver

Brand: KONOV
Item number: 8217


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By luther

Measurement totally busted, I went to jewelry to take measurements of the finger and then I ordered the ring, the extent of my rings and 22 and so I ordered it, the ring is great.