BrandNot stamped
Metal typeTitanium


  1. Color: Black
  2. Design: Simple Style
  3. Metal material: Titanium
  4. Features: no rust, no residue, no allergies
  5. 1 x ring

The advantage of titanium steel jewelry:
Titanium Steel also named as 316L stainless steel. And’ totally it does not produce side effects on the human body, and is the green jewel green and high quality.
The steel and titanium tough texture. It is not as silver turns black, not as easily allergy copper jewelry.
titanium steel jewelry and resistant to strong acids, strong alkalis, does not change color, do not fade, not allergic, deformation, hard, bright light.Such advantages make it a fashion accessory.
Item Details:
Color: Black Design: Simple style high quality titanium, resistant to acid, alkali resistant.
titanium material: no rust, allergies Due to manual measurement, there could be differences 0.5-2mm, I hope you can understand.


Question: How much and diameter measuring 30?
Answer: 23.
Question: There diameter 21??
Answer: Ok Diameter 21 you should choose size 27


5.0 out of 5 stars


12 August 2016

Ring size: 17. I’m not good to review but I try.we say that as a really good timing and got home in the gray envelope license plate Amazon then tightly closed and in a sachet containing the fabric really nice ring, shiny black with written inside “titanium” really light and comfortable with wide about half a centimeter thick and about 2 mm just. really trendy this black ring ;-). so for those looking for a little ring off the glossy white or gold usually this is for you! A round of applause goes to the seller and the courier. well done!!