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MetalStainless Steel


  1. surface Width: 7 mm
  2. Weight: 4.6 g
  3. Metal: titanium steel (stainless 316l stainless steel)
  4. Features: no rust, no residue, no allergies
  5. Package? 1 x Ring

The advantage of stainless steel jewelry:
Stainless Steel Jewelry and completely do not produce side effects on the human body, and is the green jewel green and high quality.
The stainless steel frame and tough. It is not as silver turns black, not as easily allergy copper jewelry.
Jewelry stainless steel and resistant to strong acids, strong alkalis, does not change color, do not fade, not allergic, deformation, hard, bright light. These advantages make it a fashion accessory.
Item Details:
Weight: 4.6g Surface Width: 7 mm High-quality stainless steel, acid-resistant, alkali-resistant.
Stainless steel material: no rust, allergies Note:
Due to manual measurement, there could be differences 0.5-2mm, I hope you can understand.