Material100% Austrian Crystal
Model NameER-28264


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Metal: 18K White Gold Plated Alloy. Crystal: Made?? With Swarovski Element. Earring Size: 21mm x 8mm.

Seller: GoSparkling

3.0 out of 5 stars


20 November 2015

I was looking for an earring ring, with the closure via pin running through the lobe and fixed rear with a click, not through “butterfly”, which I can not use for several reasons.┬áThe photos of these earrings and outlet so that you do not see absolutely the type of closure and in the description does not tell you which type of closure have! In fact have the right pin that is fixed posteriorly, not properly with a “butterfly” in the traditional metal, but with those circular semi-transparent soft material, silicone type, and with the central part (in correspondence the hole where you put the pin) wire. Not being relevant to my needs, I returned the earrings, which are nevertheless pretty and well made.┬áThe seller should put a picture in the description of the earrings taken from an angle that allows to evaluate the type of closure. I add that the price “to serve” of about 50 Euros and absolutely does not correspond to the value of the object, while I seem reasonable price “on offer”, if you keep just over 10 dollar.