Metal typeBase Metal


Model NameST-48167



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Metal: 18K White Gold Plated Alloy. Crystal: They make with Austrian crystal. Chain Length: 40cm. Earring Size: 70mm x 5.5mm. Pendant Size: 71mm x 17mm.

Seller: GoSparkling

5.0 out of 5 stars


7 April 2016

I have the exact same set of GoSparking jewelry, but with crystals in white drop, in my opinion a very elegant set!  This set consists of necklace and earrings, the blue variant aquamarine, I must say that is not far behind, with the difference that, precisely because of this beautiful and very fresh color summer, can also be combined with an outfit less demanding and is also recommended for women younger. Both Necklace Earrings are made of steel plated 18k white gold, adorned with pendants in the shape of drop / teardrop Swarovski crystal elements aquamarine blue with geometric facets that give wonderful play of light!  The necklace measures about 45 cm by 7.5 cm (for instance, from the faux node down) and is equipped with the classic hook closure, while the earrings, with screw , measuring about 6.5 cm; the vest, the particular tubular shape, both of the series that the earrings, has a thickness of about 2 mm, while the crystals in the form of drop size approximately 1.3 cm for necklace and about 1 cm for earrings.
The design is simple, but it really makes a nice effect, the whole and made even more special by the “fake knot” of which they are set of small crystals of white Swarovski elements superbrillanti! The set comes in a nice little box in hard cardboard with magnetic closure, where inside and also present the guarantee of authenticity of the crystals Swarovski elements used.
In conclusion, I find that these jewels are really well done, made with attention to detail and quality materials, and I think the price is very affordable, so we absolutely recommend buying for themselves or to make a gift that will certainly be appreciated!