BrandEveryday June
Metal typeBrass
Stone TypeCubic Zirconia
earrings ClosingPost and Butterfly
Model NameEJ-2W-4str


  1. 1.5cm H x 1.5 cm W (adjustable via 3 holes) / Cubic Zirconia, 3 mm each
  2. Cubic Zirconia of high quality
  3. Two modes of use: with only zircon, or four together
  4. Click on “Everyday June”, above the title of the product and discover all our offers, or individual packages, from our collection of earrings “Everyday June”
  5. the back can also be worn with your buttons / pearls / diamonds favorite
“Everyday June” and a youthful brand of stylish jewelry created and produced by Frau Edel. Frau Edel and a company, located in Berlin, which sells quality jewelry from around the world exclusively through Amazon’s European markets. The products of “Everyday June” are offered at reasonable prices, so that they are attractive and accessible not only for career women, but also for young girls who have a passion for jewelry, but a low budget. “Everyday June” places great importance on the best quality / price, and the beautiful youthful design, international, elegant, simple but at the same time extraordinary and unique. Also “Everyday June”, and constantly looking for the latest trends, wearable 24/7, suitable for any occasion, at any place, and even more important for every woman. “Everyday June” and then a brand really to discover and buy, to lead you to be a “player tendencies.”

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