BrandBling Jewelry
BrandMetal Not Marcato
MetalStainless Steel
MaterialNail polish
Stone TypeNO
Model NameSGD-4641


  1. Mens Black Eagle Ring
  2. 4 mm Bandwidth
  3. It weighs 11.8 grams
  4. Jewelry Man
  5. stainless steel,
  6. enamel.

Eagles are considered spiritual messengers between gods and humans in some cultures. Our powerful American Eagle looks as if it just landed on top of our onyx stone ring. The band and made beautifully in a stainless steel with side design that recalls the wing of eagle feathers. This is one of our gemstones at prices affordable mens rings that will make a perfect choice as a gift for Army veterans, Navy, Marines, Air Force, or Coast Guard. And as American as apple pie and a very elegant way to honor our brave soldiers. Add to his collection of fashionable stainless steel jewelry with one of our onyx rings for men and give him a gift to treasure and carry with pride.

Seller: Bling Jewelry