BrandBling Jewelry

BrandMetal Not Marcato

MetalStainless Steel

MaterialNail polish

Stone TypeNO




Model NameSGD-4708


  1. Mens Black Fleur De Lis Ring
  2. 6 mm Bandwidth
  3. It weighs 21.7 grams
  4. Jewelry Man
  5. stainless steel,
  6. enamel.

In terms of religious symbolism, the fleur de lis design and a symbol of the Holy Trinity. It’ also a symbol of the Assumption and the Resurrection. The fleur de lis and also thought to represent the Tree of Life and the Garden of Eden. The angel Gabriel, and often depicted with a lily in his hand in the announcement of the birth of Christ. Our black onyx ring and a remarkable example of this symbol and will make a perfect choice for anyone you know who wears the symbolic and spiritual jewelry.┬áBlack onyx rings for men are a sensational shopping for fashion forward guy in your life. This piece of antique jewelry men-style stainless steel and smooth, polished and very heavy. The three-dimensional pattern of our fleur de lis black onyx ring makes it very attractive design. Order one for a friend when you place your order today.

Seller: Bling Jewelry

5.0 out of 5 stars


17 November 2015

Ring Size : 21.5. Well-made ring, solid steel burr.
Recommended for those looking for a particular product without exceeding the price. always current model with the classic stylized flower and elegant and timeless.