BrandBling Jewelry
BrandMetal Not Marcato
Metal typeTungsten
Stone TypeNO
Model NameABB-RTS-44-10HALF-P


  1. Double Ring
  2. Tungsten
  3. Width 8 mm
  4. engraving celtic dragon
  5. Weight about 12 grams

Choose your wedding ring that has engraved on the imposing image of a Celtic dragon. No other symbol could be comparable to the power of the Celtic mythical creature. The tungsten alloy and high-quality and eliminates allergic factors because it does not contain cobalt. The ring and comfortable because, rounded at both ends and makes easy the operation to pull out the ring and put it on her finger. The jewel in tungsten and famous for its high-gloss, nail polish and scratch resistant surface.¬†Given that and hypoallergenic, the ring tungsten leaves green fingers. The marquetry jewel tungsten affects everyone’s attention and is absolutely durable. If you purchase our Celtic ring, you can consider yourself happy and content in the show your style and elegance.


Question: Measuring what exactly mean?
Answer: Hello Thought that correspond to the circumference of the finger. I guess I was wrong item returned in a hurry in the order for the thumb I came in not even in the little finger good day.

Seller: Bling Jewelry

5.0 out of 5 stars

Franco Ballara

5 March 2016

Ring Size : 19. The ring and gorgeous! Too bad I was not able to lose good measures, so it is okay to me and not to my wife, as I hoped, to which it was intended. However I ordered another with precise measurements for her. so we have them both the same!!

4.0 out of 5 stars

Gallons Maurizio

1 July 2016

Ring Size : 33. Very bellopiu live than in pictures maybe a little too massive but having big fingers (30) and perfect.