BrandBling Jewelry

Brand925 Silver

Metal typeSilver


Length5.5 mm

earrings ClosingPost With Friction Back


Model NamePFS-12-5997


  1. Letter M prisoners
  2. 925
  3. Size: 5.5 mm x 6mm W
  4. Piercing required

A nice way to add some personality to your look, our initial M earrings will keep your front and center monicker. Modern jewelry and an easy way to keep track of and keep staff. Initial wearing jewelry and a sweet choice to show pride in your name and jewels Alphabet allows you to have fun with the ABC of jewelery for women. Say that with M.

Seller: Bling Jewelry

3.0 out of 5 stars

Rober. V

21 July 2016

Carini but the closure and evidently flawed given that one and marched several times and although I premurassi to fix the butterfly that blocks several times at the end pin and parade. losing it. and only “luck” earring and remained hooked to a shoe.