BrandH C
Metal typeStainless Steel
width16.1 cm
Model NameME-91


  1. Metal: Stainless Steel
  2. Surface treatment: polished
  3. Thickness Gauge: 1.2 MM (0.05 “)
  4. Size: 11.6MM (12:45″) width x11.6MM (12:45 “) length x1.9MM (00:07”) thick
  5. Package: Jewelry box with Marca COOLSTEELANDBEYOND
* Condition: 100% new * Code: ME-91 * Metal: Stainless Steel * Surface treatment: high-gloss polished * Thickness Gauge: 1.2MM (0.05 “)
* Size: 11.6MM (12:45″) width x11.6MM (12:45 “) length x1.9MM (00:07”) thick;
* Weight: 2.7g * Package: Jewelry Box with Brand COOLSTEELANDBEYOND

Seller: HC

5.0 out of 5 stars

Samuel B

29 May 2016

I was looking for a good earring man who was a cross between a semi-casual and elegant, but I was always in front of the usual pieces with bright or with the classic circular / fakedilatatore. Then I found myself in front of this pair of triangular-shaped earrings. Personally I had not much previously purchased earrings, but the promised images well, and the form was very peculiar, which I liked. So he ordered them.
The pieces that I received are of good quality, of course stainless steel. They are pretty easy to wear and quite comfortable. The only difference with those of the images lies in the ice edge, actually thinner.
A good product at a good price.