BrandAlchemy Gothic (Metal-Wear)

BrandNot stamped

Metal typepewter

Model NameE296


  1. It measures about 96mm x 48mm x 28mm in the most wide steps
  2. Hand made in England with the best lead-tin-English
  3. Designed to be worn only in the left ear
  4. Can be bent slightly to get a better wearability (only once or twice, not regularly)
  5. This Earring wraps around the ear to adapt, so not recommended for clients with more small ears of the media

The Grim Reaper of soul-taker, and a symbol for the end of mortal life. The sickle wraps over the ear with the blade attachment over the top, and a securing pin from the lower skull.

Seller: Alchemy Gothic (Metal-Wear)