Metal typesilver


Model NameEY 11EveryDayGioielli



  1. with box gift box
  2. Adjustable size

925 Silver ring with black enamel, EveryDayGioielli collection, “the courage to be oneself” adjustable size Unisex Made in Italy

Seller: EveryDayGioielli

5.0 out of 5 stars


25 December 2014

A wonderful ring, engraved with a splendid phrase that gives us courage every moment of our day.
A jewel arrived perfectly packaged within 3 days after you ordered, in the box there was a smart shopper imprinted with the brand of the company, inside there was a rigid box that held the precious ring lying comfortably on a cushion pitch black. I also found the warranty card company. Jewelry gorgeous heart that I recommend to everyone, perfect for a girls for a man to give away at every opportunity.