Stone TypeHorn
Height5.5 cm
width30 mm
Model Name16asTEH166


  1. Hand made earrings horn
  2. Fake Expanders.
  3. torque
  4. hand Carved from bovine bone.
  5. It measures 5 mm in height, 4 mm and 3 mm in diameterand point more broad. Salt has a torsion curve.

Hand carved from the horn with surgical steel bar. It measures 50 mm in height and has a torsion curve and its maximum width and 30 mm and the Horne diameter of 4 mm. The bar fits securely into Horne, so that makes them safe and durable. These earrings are a wonderful alternative to stretching your ears with expanders and give the same impression. The bovine bone and cow horn, and a bi product and no animal and damaged because of these that are made.

Seller: 81stgeneration

3.0 out of 5 stars


4 July 2015

The article pictures looked well made. When I opened the box earrings have proved quite poor, so it is true that the underwire when opened does not enter almost more.