BrandH C

Metal typeacciaio_inossidabile

width0:38 cm


Model NameME-37



  1. Metal: Stainless steel 316L
  2. Color: Black
  3. Surface treatment: high-gloss polished
  4. Size: 3.8mm (12:15 “) wide x 13 mm (00:51”) length x 2.4MM (12:09 “) thick
  5. Package: Jewelry box with Brand COOLSTEELANDBEYOND

* Condition: 100% new * Metal: 316L Stainless Steel * Color: Black * Surface treatment: high-gloss polished * Size: 3.8mm ( 12:15 “) wide x 13 mm (00:51”) length x 2.4MM (00:09 “) thickness * Weight: 4.2g * Package: Jewelry box with Brand COOLSTEELANDBEYOND

Seller: HC

4.0 out of 5 stars


10 May 2016

I use them every day and so far I’ve never lost them. They are very comfortable and do not hassle the ear. If you want an earring not challenging or maybe you want to try as I did as there is, and this solution.
5.0 out of 5 stars


24 March 2016

The ear, I have never fallen are trendy, comfortable and durable, do not hassle at all: are mistaken for authentic earrings with a hole for how well they are made!
1.0 out of 5 stars

Alessandro Maria Coppola

16 December 2015

Aesthetically nice, but, not having a spring or a “memory” position, do not stay in place and you are likely to lose them.